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A perfect combination of your blinds and curtains gives your home a sophisticated feel. This case is complicated because most people often wonder whether the two covers can work together in an original format. One should, however, bring out the flexible décor using style guidelines that match the home’s architecture and decoration.

How to pair blinds with curtains

Chose the blind first

The blinds determine the most fundamental aspects of the room, such as light, heat, and sun blockage. Consider how you want the blind to operate to achieve the best choice. 

The best type of matching will base its style on the blinds. The most complimentary blinds are roller blinds and Venetian blinds, which pair perfectly with drapes that have a single primary color. Consider a muted shade of the blind while looking for the curtain.

Another important factor while choosing curtains is the color scheme of the room. Try matching the carpet with the curtain’s color or contrasting them with a fit opposite. White or light crème colors are perfect if you want to maintain neutrality on the walls.

How do curtains work with blinds?

A basic description of configurations will guide you to choose blinds in Anaheim that works best for your window.

  • Place curtains on top of the sheers
  • Place the curtains over honeycomb blinds
  • The sheers should be above the shutters
  • Curtains should go over Venetian blinds
  • Put roman blinds on top of sunscreen roller blinds
  • Roman blinds should be above Venetian blinds

Watch the print

It is okay to have more than one pattern in a room if they are on different windows. Layering a patterned blind with a patterned curtain is overwhelming and messy. You should find a design that softens the appearance and allows you to enjoy the combination of two different covers.

The trick of working with patterns is that you should know which ones suit your style. Do not put floral blinds in the same room as animal print blinds. Additionally, make sure the chosen pattern has an even distribution throughout the room. Lastly, keep an open mind that understands a pattern could be a solid color, texture, or design.

Combine the covers

Using pelmets to tie the curtain to the blinds adds a stylish decorative finish. The combined look boosts the thermal insulation of the room. It allows you to have a smooth finish that hides tracks of operation - a well-tied pelmet has a sleek and elegant finish that blends the window’s accessories with all other decorations in the space.

Mix up the options

Do not pick the same blinds and curtains for every part of the house if you want a vibrant interior décor. You might want a dark and cozy bedroom and a bright and airy living room. The ultimate choice of blinds in Anaheim depends on your inclination towards decorations.

Match the height

Buying blinds and curtains that do not have matching colors results in a lopsided look. Hang the blind behind the chosen curtain to verify whether they have an equal height.

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