Exterior painting is our specialty at Total Pro Painting. Our painting crew loves to get up a high ladder and get to those scary exterior places with the tall ladder. Our residential exterior painters have years of experience painting house exteriors.

  • We never skimp on materials when getting ready for your exterior painting job
    • we always pay for top quality paint, primer, filler, and caulking
  • We always take extra care when preparing surfaces
    • we want your new paint to adhere as best as possible, so prep is essential
  • We always use the right tools
    • high quality brushes, rollers, and in some cases sprayers are essential
  • Weather is key
    • we always wait until the weather is dry and stable before beginnign your exterior painting
  • We always cover anything not being painted
    • we are very aware of your neighbours homes, shrubs, decks, furniture, etc.
Exterior Painting Victoria
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Exterior Painting Victoria
Years of experience has made Total Pro Painting Victoria's favourite exterior painter. We paint everything from house exteriors to the exterior of apartment high rises.
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Total Pro Painting
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